2018-2019 Season

“Your plays are always thought-provoking and memorable. My favorite Milwaukee theatre.”

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Theatre means many different things to different people: an exciting story, a rollicking comedy, love won and lost and won again, lavish scenery, beautiful costumes, a black box, great acting, Shakespeare, not Shakespeare, acrobatics, abstract movement, sword fights, songs, dance – dogs onstage!

But there is one essential element that makes for good theatre which, I think, we can all agree upon: at some point, it gets personal. Stories work best when they involve individuals in the midst of a struggle, or a quest. We identify, person-to-person. We invest. We accept their quest as ours. Their struggle, tragedy or triumph is ours to endure, to mourn or to celebrate. And thus, we are moved, and the theatre has proven itself, again, as essential to the care and feeding of our human spirit. Such a season awaits you at Next Act

Blood at the Root January 31-February 24
How to Write a New Book for the Bible April 04-April 28