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Art Exhibits

Your overall theatre experience is expanded with art exhibits in our lobby gallery. Please be sure to arrive early to check out these artists’ beautiful work.

Curator James Toth creates a unique collection of works to complement each Next Act production.

THREE TAKES on Landscapes

April 14 – May 8, 2022
Curated by James Toth

Just as actors bring their personalities, experiences and varying skills to interpreting a role, as entertainingly depicted in Bill Cain’s THE LAST WHITE MAN, visual artists bring the same set of variables to their interpretations of subject matter, with dramatically differing results.

Our featured lobby gallery artists demonstrate this in their approaches to landscape.

Eddee Daniel

Menomonee Valley Winter, photographic triptych, 29” x 49”, E. Daniel

Eddee Daniel is a fine art photographer and writer, who specializes in urban ecologies. His work examines how we perceive and construct understandings of nature in the contexts of culture and the built environment. “My practice is conceptually framed by the paradoxical term “Urban Wilderness,” which symbolizes the themes and tensions inherent in the concept.”

Jeanne Bril

The In Between, Acrylic, 20” x 16”, J. Bril, 2022

Jeanne Bril is a painter with an affinity for the immediacy of plein air techniques. Her current goal is to abstract the scene, but provide enough information so the viewer knows they’re looking at a natural environment. She injects interest through layering, creating texture with different tools and using a somewhat limited palette. “I want to share the wonder and intrigue in everyday scenes.”

Barbara Manger

Swing, Monotype, oil based ink on paper, 38” x 50”, B. Manger, 2022

Barbara Manger is a printmaker who is intrigued by the rhythms and forces of growth and bloom, death, decay, and renewal as aspects of nature and landscape. “Small shreds and pieces—nests, bark, or roots; and features grander in scale such as a river or a gorge—and the stories they hold and tell —influence me.” She gathers dried grasses, sticks and other natural materials and prints with them using oil based inks on paper and an etching press. With the tangles, overlaps, and apparent disorder, she attempts to convey something of the spirit of nature around us.

For more information about our featured artists and images of their work, please visit their websites:
Eddee Daniel –
Jeanne Bril –
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Jim Toth is a retired art educator, now in his sixth season as Next Act’s volunteer gallery curator.

Exhibit Hours

The art exhibit opens Thursday, April 14, and is open to the public Monday through Friday, noon to 5 pm, and through the start of any performance.

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