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Your overall theatre experience is expanded with art exhibits in our lobby gallery. Please be sure to arrive early to check out these artists’ beautiful work.

Curator James Toth creates a unique collection of works to complement each Next Act production.

Challenging Visions: The Art of Peggy Thurston Farrell & Pacia Sallomi

September 26 – October 20, 2019
Curated by James Toth

From the time of El Greco, contemporary visual artists have often been revolutionists, challenging the powers that be and confronting their audiences with different perspectives and hidden, or not-so-hidden, truths. They have also played the role of revolutionist in more intimate ways, exploring and exposing our inner lives and the social dynamics of which we are all a part. Our guest artists, Peggy Thurston Farrell and Pacia Sallomi represent both.

Peggy’s FoxConn Series of silkscreen collages was inspired by the consequences of “progress” as defined by the massive project underway in Racine County where, as she observes, “In order to build this hub, hundreds of acres of beautiful farmland in Mount Pleasant were sold and bulldozed. Natural habitats were destroyed, wetlands filled in, and 100-year-old oak trees cut down. Once beautiful farms were now deserts of flattened dirt.” Through layers of images and symbols, Peggy expresses her concerns about the negative impact of loosening environmental standards and the greed that often plays a major role in corporate decisions.

Pacia’s paintings are her “way of exploring the spiritual qualities of lived life” and are the result of “an intuitive process that is informed by experience, research and journaling.” However, her artwork not only tells us something about how she sees the world, it invites us to join her in that vision; to explore new perspectives; to consider deeper meanings and connections that are not always immediately evident.

Pacia Sallomi and Peggy Thurston Farrell, both nationally recognized for their art, are longtime members of the art faculty at Carroll University in Waukesha. I am honored to share their work with the Next Act Theatre community and commend them for their years of dedication to their students as artist/art educators. You can learn more about them by visiting their websites: and

– Jim Toth

Exhibit Hours

The art exhibit opens Thursday, September 26, and is open to the public Monday through Friday, noon to 5 pm, and through the start of any performance.

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