30 Never Looked (or Sounded) So Good – Next Act Theatre

30 Never Looked (or Sounded) So Good

As we find ourselves in the midst of our 30th anniversary season and reflecting over the 112 mainstage shows we’ve produced, we asked you about your relationship with Next Act Theatre. What first brought you here? How long have you been a patron? What keeps you coming back? We’ve compiled some of your answers below. Share your favorite memory with us on Facebook or by emailing info@nextact.org.

“From the day we saw Jonathan Smoots in the role of a lonely and isolated fisherman who was in a relationship by mail, while Next Act (then Theatre Tesseract) was still at Lincoln High School for the Arts, we were “hooked.” Over the years, we have enjoyed the consistency of David Cecsarini’s mission of presenting meaningful and thought-provoking shows and look forward with anticipation learning the theme for the next season.

Thank you, Next Act, for providing Milwaukee with Theatre That Matters.

– Norm and Sherry Malmon, season ticket holder

“My wife and I were introduced to NAT by a couple of friends that invited us to join them at a performance. TAKING LEAVE was one of the first shows and we were captivated by the intimate space and the power of the performance. There have been so many great shows over the years that we keep coming back and bringing friends to share the experience.”

Dave Anderson, Board President and season ticket holder

“LAUGHTER ON THE 23RD FLOOR. Well-casted and well-acted.”

Gary Springman, first-year season ticket holder

“I appreciate the variety that is offered. I tend to not be drawn to highly advertised, greatly hyped shows or “classics” that are done over & over. I’d rather see something that is fresh to me and that offers some food for thought as well as entertainment, and I find that at Next Act.”

Lynda D., season ticket holder since 2016

“I was introduced to Next Act one week after moving to Milwaukee in 2016. I was at the Women of Influence symposium, entered the raffle at your display booth – and won a free subscription. I was hooked after the first show. I don’t think I’ve been familiar with a single show (until this year’s LAUGHTER ON THE 23RD FLOOR) in your past three seasons… and I’ve loved every one. The shows are always interesting and thought-provoking and I love the talkbacks. The theatre is intimate and I just love everything about what you do. BRAVO!”

Caryn, season ticket holder since 2016

“I would give up my season tickets to any arts organization before I’d give up Next Act!”

Cathy Dills, season ticket holder since 2000

“It’s always a fun experience to see how each component of the play come together to tell a story, or teach us a lesson, and make us laugh or cry. The stage design interpretation, costume designs and acting come together so nicely. We look forward to the rest of the season and enjoy the ‘escape’.”

Christine B, season ticket holder since 2019

“I tend to like dramas better than comedies. My favorite is PAVILION. I like the ambiance of Next Act… EVERYBODY is nice. I remember years ago that I just forgot to go to a play, and Charles gave me tickets for a later performance. I was very impressed with his kindness.”

Russell Brooker, season ticket holder

“We love Next Act! David Cecsarini has his finger on the pulse of Milwaukee theatergoers. His up close and personal approach is what keeps us coming back year after year! Superb acting, inventive plays – and not a bad seat in the house.”

Marianne and Shel Lubar, season ticket holder since 1998

“I have been a subscriber for more than 15 years. So many shows, so little time. I have enjoyed them all; I have learned something from each and every one. Thank you, Next Act Theatre!!”

Joyce, Board Secretary and season ticket holder since 2000

“My son and myself have been attending plays for over ten years. The reason we love Next Act is because many of its plays touch human life situations and experiences, which make us think, make us laugh and make us cry.

One play that really touched me was THE OTHER PLACE because my family suffered with my mother’s Alzheimer’s. Deborah Staples did a wonderful portrayal of a person losing their memory. I cried throughout this whole production because it brought back so many memories. Thank you for sharing this very painful life experience.”

Rose Oliva, season ticket holder since 2008

“Karen and I have many fond memories going all the way back to Theatre Tesseract, but a more recent experience really illustrates why we have been such loyal patrons. It was during a performance of VISITING MR. GREEN in the new space. We usually like to sit in the first row of the center section, but had to exchange tickets and ended up in the first row of a side section instead. At first I was somewhat distracted by the audience seated directly across from us, but soon found myself so engaged that they just disappeared. That feeling of getting caught up in the characters and the story, that feeling of immersion, is a recurring theme to our Next Act experience. What could be better?”

Jim Toth and Karen Johnson, season ticket holders & Volunteer Art Curator