The UPAF 2020 Virtual Ride for the Arts – Next Act Theatre

The UPAF 2020 Virtual Ride for the Arts

The UPAF 2020 Virtual Ride for the Arts

By David Cecsarini, Producing Artistic Director

We’ve done it again!

Patrons, friends and family partnerships with the Next Act/Cecsarini team have contributed over $5,300 to this year’s UPAF Ride. In eight years of pedaling, I believe that’s the new record for gifts.

Many thanks to everyone who put the wind in our sails for this year’s extra-special Virtual Ride.

I do have a quibble with that term Virtual. We used real bikes, went on real pathways and roads, and our real legs were tired and derrières were weary after all those virtual miles.

Because of current pandemic conditions, the Ride went a bit differently this year. The Cecsarinis actually went in three waves: I rode on Saturday, June 13th, Deborah and Amalia rode Sunday with her friend Tessa and dad, and then Miranda and boyfriend Abe booked their 25 miles a few days later. It was very relaxed and a nice change of pace from the usual downtown, crowd-the-Hoan Bridge scramble.

On my round trip to Port Washington, I shot a bunch of video clips. We’re putting them together as a sort of summary story of my bike adventure for your viewing pleasure? We’ll send out a link to the video when it’s done so you can ride along with me.

Ah ha! Now there’s your Virtual Ride!