Thanks for Staying Safe with Us – Next Act Theatre

Thanks for Staying Safe with Us

Thanks for Staying Safe With Us

By A.J. Magoon, Marketing Director

Our return to live theatre this season looked a little different than past seasons, with safety measures in place (which will stay in place for RED HERRING and the rest of our season) to protect our staff, our artists and YOU from COVID-19.

We were very thankful to hear such enthusiastic feedback from patrons about the safety measures we put in place. THREE VIEWINGS audience members said things like:

“Next Act was my first outing to a venue. I was like a child. So very happy to be in a darkened theater and watch such terrific performances.”

“I felt comfortable and safe in the theater.”

“…a very good balance between a feeling of safety and a feeling of pleasant relaxation.”

Thank you for doing your part to help us stay safe – we can’t wait for a healthy, hilarious run of RED HERRING!