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Next Act’s Education Intern

Next Act’s Education Intern

By Ryleigh Carroll, Education Intern

Meet Next Act’s Education Intern, Ryleigh, in her own words!

Hello! My name is Ryleigh. I am 18 years old and an early graduate from Reagan High School. A little background information about myself: I was born and raised in Wisconsin and am the youngest of three girls. I have taken two and a half years of Film and Theater Performance and one year of Film and Theater Production. I have been involved with Next Act since 2019, being in two live summer performances and one virtual performance. This year, I am an Education Intern, working alongside Grace DeWolff, the Education Director for Next Act Theater. After this, I am going to be a student at UW-Milwaukee to major in mathematics and minor in theater.

My passion has always been math, especially algebra. I’ve always enjoyed it because it was something I was good at and knew I could accomplish. I want to use my math skills to benefit my future job opportunities, whatever those may be. With that being said, my love for theater is going to follow me along on my journey. I have only been into theater for about four years. It started as a way for me to open myself up and try to become more comfortable with myself and others. Since starting, I have realized I love everything about theater, whether it’s acting, writing or directing. I wanted to expand on my theater skills and put myself in the shoes of someone who has experienced so much about theater. This is why I wanted to be part of this internship. My future continues to express all of my love for math and theater combined.