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Layered Realities

Layered Realities

The Art of Jean Dexter Sobon

By Bill Toth, volunteer gallery curator

As depicted in the play 9 CIRCLES, the search for truth and justice is a many layered pursuit, often influenced by the searcher’s perspective as much as an objective reality. In a court, the desired outcome is a verdict; a conclusion; a determination of guilt or innocence. But, even then there are layers of guilt and layers of innocence. We live in a layered world of nuanced and shifting revelations. The art of Jean Dexter Sobon, our featured artist, embodies this reality.

Future? by Jean Dexter Sobon

“On the surface my artworks are narratives. They tell stories. Some tell multiple stories through my use of layered or juxtaposed images. Additionally, below the surface, each artwork is also a tool for self-questioning and understanding… Stories take on life, become active in time through their telling and hearing… But, as happens in dreams, the objects, colors, people, places, sounds and sensations used in stories and art can exist also as symbols; symbols that often carry multiple meanings… You, the viewer, are part of the narrative of every artwork you confront. The artist begins the work that you will finish.”

Dancing Across the Divide by Jean Dexter Sobon

Jean holds BS and MS degrees in Art Education from UWM. She taught art in the public schools of Whitefish Bay and Germantown, WI from 1976 to 2003 when she retired to focus on her artwork. Her award-winning work is represented in numerous private and corporate collections nationwide. We are honored to be able to share her art with the Next Act community.

River of Time by Jean Dexter Sobon

Jim Toth is a retired art educator, now in his sixth season as Next Act’s volunteer gallery curator.