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It’s the Gift That Counts

It’s the Gift That Counts

By Jane Flieller, Development Director

The thought behind the gift is equally important. As a nonprofit arts organization, Next Act Theatre relies on the generosity of individuals like you to help support the work we do. Let’s talk about “why”?

The arts help us to see a different perspective from our own.

We’re shown humanity, psychology, motivations, conflict and resolution in nearly every play. Through the stories we see come alive onstage, we witness the trajectory of persons other than ourselves. What we come away with is a more empathetic world view, helping us be the best version of ourselves when faced with life’s challenges.

The arts revive, revitalize and reinforce the economy.

From small towns to large cities, theaters and the people who attend can change the dynamic of an entire neighborhood or area, prompting the growth of new businesses and an influx of residents.

The arts teach our children…

…enhanced language proficiency, confidence strengthening and the development of skills vital to every industry (working collaboratively, problem-solving, leadership.) The arts encourage children to stay and excel in school. Combined with traditional classroom studies, the arts as part of a child’s education will guide them toward their full potential.

Many of you reading this article are already generous donors and the aforementioned is something you already understand. But what about the next generation of donors? Reach out to a younger friend or family member. Teach them about the power of giving and the importance of keeping the performing arts industry strong. We count on you. We’ll count on them.

Anyone can make a donation to Next Act Theatre at If you have questions or want more information about ways to donate, please contact Jane Flieller, Development Director at 414-278-7780 or