Theatre Rental

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Your contribution represents more than hard cash. Your gift conveys that our intimate brand of theatre is meaningful to you and worthy of your support.

Join the many Milwaukee organizations who have chosen Next Act Theatre as their venue of choice for theatre, dance and music performances and a variety of other events. Next Act’s cozy and sleek space is available for rent 16 weeks of the year. Located in Walker’s Point, Next Act’s 152-seat theatre provides professional, ADA compliant, accessible, and affordable space for your entertainment needs.

Check out the additional information below, and then call or email Mike for availability and rates.

Basic Requirements

Next Act will hold dates for up to 30 days. A non-refundable $500 security deposit is required with the return of the signed contract. We require each organization to have a certificate of liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence.

All rentals are staffed by our Technical Director, House Managers, and volunteer ushers (if applicable). All ticket admissions must be sold through Next Act Theatre’s ticketing system.


Our 152-seat house is divided among center, left and right sections of raised seating on three sides of the thrust stage. We are fully accessible, including three removable seats for wheelchairs.

Our lobby has bench seating along with several chairs and cafe tables in addition to a few cabaret tables.

The rehearsal hall can be set up in any arrangement – open for mingling to tables and chairs for a meeting.

We have multiple bathrooms and a bar with concessions for audience members or guests, in addition to two dressing rooms, two bathrooms, and a green room backstage for use by performers.

Technical Information

The downstage portion of the stage is 20 feet wide and 18 feet deep to the proscenium line. The upstage portion is 14 feet deep from proscenium line to back wall and XX feet wide to the side walls (including XX feet of wing space on either side).

We have a wired ClearCom headset system, including a station backstage left and backstage right, as well as two in the booth (one for the stage manager/sound operator and one for the light board operator).

Theatre Rental Rates