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The Power of You

The Power of You

By Jane Flieller, Development Director

Maybe you don’t know what your support of Next Act accomplishes. The play’s the thing, of course, but what about the ripple effect? The many ways a play can touch a person? When you buy a ticket, bring a friend, make a donation – the play goes on. And with it comes joy, questions, insight, discussion, enlightenment. The power of you is what makes live theatre powerful.

“My friend and I watched Red Herring last night and were enthralled. All the actors were brilliant — and amazingly versatile. Their vibrance and warmth filled our evening with light. We sailed home, and the glow remains. Can’t wait to see the next show.”

– Patron to RED HERRING (2021-2022)

“Thank you so much for sharing the info. I’ll make sure to fill the form out and start booking some matinees. The students are clamoring for live theatre and we can’t wait to visit.”

– High School Teacher

Question and Answer

STUDENT: What about the play is universal and what is uniquely an African-American experience?

CAST MEMBER: Universally, it’s about two parents trying to do what’s right for their child. As an African-American, you carry the burden of never being allowed a bad day; of being on alert all the time; never being sure when you leave for work or school that you will come home.

– From a Talkback with High School Students to the Play, PIPELINE (2021-2022)

Consider a tax-deductible gift to Next Act Theatre and make a world of difference.

Did You Know?

When you make a contribution, your name is listed in our playbill (unless you ask for it not to be). But did you know you can make a gift in honor, memory or congratulations to someone? For example, Joe Smith (in honor of Jane Doe), Joe Smith (in memory of Jane Doe) or Joe Smith (for Jane Doe on her nuptials).

Consider joining our Producer’s Circle level of giving with your next donation! For an annual gift of $1,000 or more, you receive an exclusive behind-the-scenes event, a history-rich backstage tour, complimentary beverages at every performance you attend, your name in playbills and you have the satisfaction of knowing you helped bring a story to life. For more information on giving, contact Jane Flieller at or (4214) 278-7780.