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Movement as Ritual

Movement as Ritual

By Marti Gobel, Director, KILL MOVE PARADISE

The African American race can trace its very survival to the execution of movement. We as a people have used movement to go forward and do better for ourselves and for the generations to follow: the Great Migration, dance, political and social marches for freedom, and most recently movement to demonstrate that we will not be forced to NOT move toward a better existence. Movement has served as the ritualistic provision of solutions for social problems, as well as to express the central values of our culture.

In all the shows I have had the honor to direct, I implement the natural ritualistic need to full-body express emotions such as pride, pain, anger, and in the case of KILL MOVE PARADISE by James Ijames, transcendence. This remarkable play offers a landscape of the African American existence that is dependent on movement. It is an unconscious ritual to which we were born as African Americans. Even when the ritual of passing from one existence to another is prematurely aborted, still we move with our whole selves. It is a beautiful tradition that I share with my people. It is a tradition that is unstoppable, un-outwittable and often underestimated. Perhaps, the most important but oft overlooked phenomenon of this movement is that it is executed with joy… With hope… With love of self.

Tickets for KILL MOVE PARADISE are now on sale at This production is offered live at 255 S. Water Street. Performances run September 22 – October 16, 2022.