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I’ll admit, this play is tricky to write about. Adam Bock’s A SMALL FIRE is a gentle, quiet and, ultimately, deeply moving expression of what it means to be alive. Exactly; a simple story about … everything.

Teaching Shakespeare’s Language

My goal as a teacher is to give high school students a positive experience with the Bard, one they’ll hopefully remember fondly enough to buy a ticket to a play, put a Shakespeare movie on their Netflix cue, or audition for a role at school.

Join the Clean Plate Club!

Next Act Theatre is teaming up with the Hunger Task Force this holiday season, and we need your help! When you come down to Next Act to see LAUGHTER ON THE 23rd FLOOR, we encourage you to bring a couple cans of low-sodium vegetables for our food drive.

Who Will Buy This Wonderful Feeling?

Who really wants another fruitcake? Ugly sweater?? Talking doorknob??? How about the perfect gift? The one that can be kept forever? An experience they’ll never forget! Consider giving the gift of live theatre!

Did you know…

The popularity of Your Show of Shows is said to have impacted the attendance at Broadway productions on Saturday nights. Check out more trivia of the real-life writers behind LAUGHTER ON THE 23rd FLOOR.

The Geniuses of Your Show of Shows

It was the early 50s. The Cold War was gaining in intensity. Writers and performers were blacklisted by the House Un-American Activities Committee. But on Saturday nights, America tuned in to the phenomenally popular Your Show of Shows. America needed laughter, and on Saturday nights, we got what we needed.


[The Your Show of Shows writers] competed with and against each other for their sketch ideas, for Caesar’s favor, for status in the room; but mostly, they competed together to do the best show possible, week in and week out. Above the fray, they were one crazy, comedy family.

Next On Tap…

Next On Tap… returns for a third season, and we’re happy to welcome four new breweries this year. A free beer tasting is included with the ticket purchase for the second Saturday of each production. A representative from the brewery is on hand to sample three to four of their beers, ranging from their tried […]

Renaissance is Moving to Next Act

Over the summer, Renaissance Theaterworks (RTW), announced they would be moving to a new artistic home at the Next Act Theatre building at the beginning of its 2020-21 production season. “We’ve grown beyond the capacity of the 99-seat Studio Theatre at the Broadway Theatre Center,” shares Managing Director Lisa Rasmussen, “and we are excited to […]

In Tandem With You!

I promised myself I was going to sleep through the month of July and then rest in August. But my alarm clock went off early when David called to say that Next Act was in need of a Development Director. For the past 21 years, along with my husband, Chris, I was co-founder and Producing […]