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Ryan Schabach’s Audition

Ryan was first seen at Next Act in RED HERRING, also part of our 2020-2021 season. Since then, he has been seen on our stage in EARS ON A BEATLE, SYLVIA, WELCOME HOME JENNY SUTTER and TWILIGHT: LOS ANGELES 1992. Ryan has played some memorable roles on our stage! Look through the gallery below to […]

Dr. Faustus’s Zoom Lecture

Jonathan Wainwright has appeared in a number of Next Act productions, including SIDE MAN, COYOTE ON A FENCE, THE EXONERATED, GRACE, BACK OF THE THROAT and HOW TO WRITE A NEW BOOK FOR THE BIBLE. Join him for a Zoom-based take on a monologue from David Davalos’s WITTENBERG.

Bree Beelow’s Farm Tour

Bree recently stole the show as Marie Antoinette in Lauren Gunderson’s THE REVOLUTIONISTS, part of our 2019-2020 season. Previously, audiences have seen her on our stage in THE TAMING. Take a tour through Next Act history with a look at the roles Bree has played on our stages!

“To Morrow” – Molly Rhode and Chase Stoeger

Molly Rhode has been seen on our stages in FALLEN ANGELS, THE CLOCKMAKER and UnSILENT NIGHT, while Chase Stoeger appeared in the unforgettable GROUCHO: A LIFE IN REVUE. Sing along with Molly and Chase on this classic folk song!

2020-2021 Season

There’s no denying that our lives and our world have changed a lot recently. However, we are confident that recognizable daily life will return and that live performance will hold an even higher esteem among you, our loyal patrons, who have cherished and supported Next Act’s work for years or decades. Our 2020-21 season focuses […]

Marti’s Magnificent Meal

Most recently, Marti Gobel directed BLOOD AT THE ROOT, and will direct PRINCIPAL PRINCIPLE in our 2020-21 season. Audiences may recognize her from PERFECT MENDACITY, NO CHILD…, TWILIGHT: LOS ANGELES 1992 and THE TAMING. Cook along with Marti as she makes a magnificent meal of beef shortribs and vegetable pad thai! Get the recipe here too.

Layered Realities

Layered Realities The Art of Jean Dexter Sobon By Bill Toth, volunteer gallery curator As depicted in the play 9 CIRCLES, the search for truth and justice is a many layered pursuit, often influenced by the searcher’s perspective as much as an objective reality. In a court, the desired outcome is a verdict; a conclusion; […]

From the Playwright

From The Playwright By Bill Cain (I asked playwright Bill Cain for his thoughts on 9 CIRCLES, with particular focus on how he came to write it. Having been asked for about 500 words, Bill’s penchant for exactitude produced this enumerated and enlightening essay. —David C.) Fact fiction crime punishment salvation damnation dante hell heaven […]

Our Production Partner

Our Production Partner By David Cecsarini, Producing Artistic Director During the planning process for 9 CIRCLES, we reached out to a unique, local arts organization called Feast of Crispian (FoC)*. Their mission is dedicated to working with veterans of military service and as such, has been an indispensable community partner, helping us understand circumstances and […]

The Carnival’s Coming to Town!

The Carnival’s Coming to Town! By Jane Flieller, Development Director Step right up … and help the company that puts on the greatest show(s) on earth!! I am very excited to announce our annual fundraising event, Bravo, Next Act, 2020! will be held on Thursday, April 30th. Join us as we pull out all the […]