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In Tandem With You!

I promised myself I was going to sleep through the month of July and then rest in August. But my alarm clock went off early when David called to say that Next Act was in need of a Development Director. For the past 21 years, along with my husband, Chris, I was co-founder and Producing […]

The Her-story of the Fempire – Trivia of the Ladies of THE REVOLUTIONISTS

Charlotte Corday (Guillotined July 17, 1793) Gained access to the room where she killed radical revolutionary, Jean Paul Marat (who was in a medicinal bath due to a skin condition) by promising to give him names from the more moderate political party he opposed (which she supported) Given the nickname “The Angel of Assassination” by […]

The French Revolution (this time, I paid attention)

I was introduced to the French Revolution at about 10 years old. I remember well our basement rec room on W. Courtland Avenue in Brookfield, Wisconsin, where our Sears Silvertone portable record player stood ready to aurally entertain. The album cover depicted the head of a funny-looking guy with black framed glasses smiling at me […]


There’s no doubt, I’m a Lauren Gunderson fan. We’ve produced four of her plays recently: THE TAMING in 2016 (remember when the beauty queen candidate won the White House?), SILENT SKY (Henrietta Leavitt measures the universe), I AND YOU (two teens bond for one lifetime), and now THE REVOLUTIONISTS (a dream-fugue take on an all-female […]