Capital Campaign Donors

A very special thank you to those helping make our dream a reality. Because of your support to the Journey Home Campaign, we surpassed our fundraising goal by $52,332 bringing our total contributions and pledges to $1,002,332 as of January 18, 2011!

Julia and David Uihlein
Greater Milwaukee Foundation
Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
Larry and Patty Compton
Einhorn Family Foundation, Inc.
Marianne and Sheldon Lubar Charitable Fund
Jan and Vince Martin
Ildy and Skip Poliner

Bert L. & Patricia S. Steigleder Charitable Trust
Art and Nancy Laskin
Briggs & Stratton Corporation Foundation, Inc.
Susan and Werner Krause
Anonymous Foundation
Bucyrus Foundation, Inc.
Jack and Lucy Rosenberg Donor Advised Fund
Dorothy Inbusch Foundation, Inc.
Pam Kriger
Peck Foundation
Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek

Alison Graf and Richard Schreiner
Johnson Controls Matching Gift
Brookbank Foundation
John E. and Nancy Larson
Fred and Anne Stratton
Linda and Thomas Streifender
David and Mary Hertel
Gordana and Milan Racic
Anonymous Foundation
George Affeldt
James and Terri Alioto
Lois Cecsarini
Ervin and Beverly Colton
Dwight and Lin Ellis/Crysdahl Foundation
Tim and Sue Frautschi
General Electric Matching Gift
David Glenn
Edward Inderrieden and Jean Maier
Judith Keyes
Jack and Phoebe Lewis
John Mahony & Evelyn Burdick
Joyce Mielke
Bob and Theresa Muselman

Larry Dalton and Lisa Berman
Four-Four Foundation
Marianne Burish and Nicole Mantyh
Miles and Barbara Capron
Steve and Karin Marcus
Kathy Nusslock
Johnson Controls Matching Gift 2
Harvey and Judith Alligood
Christopher Bonin
John Shannon and Jan Serr
Mary and Bill Walker
Richard and Diane Wright
Mike and Ericka Burzynski
Ken and Maggie Lukow
Susan Fete
Fred and Anne Geilfuss
George and Colleen Michel
Mark and Kathy Bonady
Pat and Phil Crump
Norman and Darl Grier
John E Holland
Andrew and Paula Holman
Jan and Mark Homan
John Jansen and Annie Jurczyk
Dan and Joanne Kline
Kurt and Andrea Kreznar
Kathy Donis and Paul Kosidowski
Jane and Paul Mandel
Sally and Robb Marks
Barbara McMath
Northern Trust Matching Gift
David Paris
Jonathan Smoots and Laura Gordon
Robert Spencer
Wilfred Wollner
Bettie Zillman

Tom and Kathy Schrader
Lee Marquardt
Mary Buchel and Larry Salsbury
Richard and Diana Barthel
Marcia Brooks and Edward Hammond
Gary Cartwright and Elizabeth Gifford
James R Cauley and Brenda Andrews
Greg Chrisafis
Dick and Karen Christenson
Julia Collins & Ron Zdroik
D.W. Dean & Mary R. Dean
Carol Dolphin
Jason Fassl
Robert Ferriday, III
Pamela Frautschi and Richard Ippolito
Judith Goetz
Joel and Ruth Ann Guthmann
Sue and Peter Hitler
Bett Jacquart
Steve and Jeannine Kemple
Mary S. Knudten
Sybil G. La Budde
Ben Litwin
Sherry and Norm Malmon
John Menzel
Doug and Annette Mickelson
Dwight and Marleen Morgan
Michael Necroto
Paul and Lynn Rix
Michael and Susan Schall
Dennis Skelly
SPX Foundation Matching Gift
Dick Stefanik
Gregory Strowig
Marie and Thomas Thornton
Paul Tilleman and Sally Duffy
Stuart and Ann Tisdale
Jim & Catherine Vint

Cynthia Hiteman
Jill and Frits Broekhuizen
Kathleen Knutsen
Dr. John Bahr
Sally S. Blommer
Randolph Dean and Kathleen Friedman
Sue Dinsmoor
Jane Foster
Natalie Frankel
Mary Anne Gross
Marlene and Allan Gustafson
Mary and Charles Kamps
Orv and Linda Kersten
Judy Martel
Donna and Jerry Martynski
Kenn and Wendy Miller
Sharon & Gary Simon
US Bancorp Matching Gift
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Alpren
Charles and Mary Anderson
Steven and Joyce Appel
Katherine Bayliss & Thomas Mann
Donna Baumgartner
Fred Berman
Pamela Booth
Deborah Cecsarini
Shirley Conlon and Jess Brownell
Bob and Rosemary Connelly
Robert Eiseman
John and Bonnie Emery
Exxon Mobil Employee Matching
Miriam and Rick Falk
Al & Sally Ferguson
Gene and Inez Gilbert
Randy Giles
Reesa and Irving Gottschalk
Patricia Groth
Norma and Bill Harrington
Jill and Robert Hartmann
Hilker and Associates
Mary Beth Holloway
George and Angela Jacobi
Ronald E. Jacquart and Michael W. McCarthy
Tom and Barb Johnson
Mark & Ginny Kannenberg
Martha Karge
Dale and Susan Karpen
Maryann Katzor
Robert Kealy
Ellen Kellen
Konrad Kuchenbach
James and Diane Kuntzelman
Dane and Dana LaFontsee (Orthletek)
Lighthouse Development Co.
Gordon and Alicia Lugauer
Christine Martin
Rev. Erwin Matt
Tom and Renee McCutcheon
Mary Jo and Guy McDonald
Kathleen Mc Elroy and David Newby
Alan and Nancy Meier
David and Sharon Middleton
Dr. A. E. Moats, Jr.
Charles and Barbara Murphy
Rhoda Nathan
Denice and Gary Warren Niebuhr
Brian and Lea O'Day
Linda and Dave Okruhlica
Richard and Lois Pauls
Christine Radiske and Herbert Quigley
Claudette and Mark Robinson
Kathleen Ryan
Tom and Judy Saeger
Max Samson and Nancy Pinter
Sarah Sandin
Billie Dawn and Chris Schoggen
Ruth Schudson
Mike & Diane Schulz
Kathleen Scullin
Pam Seccombe
Sandra M. Seymour
Marilyn Smits
Mark and Nancy Smuckler
John & Mary Splude
Jerrel and Judith Stanley
Bill and Judy Starr
Jerry and Patricia Styberg
Joan Tarachow
Sally Tolan
Leon Travanti and Carolyn White Travanti
Robert and Marlene Urch
Sheryl Van Haren
Jerry and Donna Walsh
Dennis and Susan Webb
David and Sally Weber
Vivian Weber
Marian Weinberg
Steven & Kristen Weisman
Barbara and Ted Wiley
Wisconsin Energy Foundation Matching Gift
Michael Wright and Ray Jivoff
Eve Joan Zucker

Marilyn Auer
Audrey and John Barrett
Barbara Becker and Slack Ulrich
William and Julie Bonnell
Edith Brin
Donna and Rolan Doffing
Ralph and Elaine Drydyk
John Emanuel
Jeff and Ellen Fuller
Jamie and Joe Hanreddy
Tim and Tammy Hosch
Laurie and Bruce Kestelman
Claire Pfleger
Shirley Scharf
Judith Schulz
Michi and Bob Seinfeld
Betty Staples
Andrea Toussaint
Penny Williams
Nancy Balcer
Robert & Karen Dean
Penelope Egan
Mary K. Goode
John and Joan Kirkwood
Lorraine Pagel
Alice Read and Drew Palin
Pat and Allen Rieselbach
Roberta H. Tacke
Susan and Andy Toth
Nancy (Ginger) Browne
William Browne
Dan & Becky Burzynski
Jeanne Gruber
Barbara Mackenzie
Jane Boller Stroebel
George Volkaitis
David Becker
David and Patricia Anderson
Else Ankel
Richard Antonacci
Dorothy Aring
Dennis & Paula Berg
Black Catz Design
Glendon Bogdon
Brenda Bohmann
Susan Brahm
Sue Bronson and Dan Frankel
Alice Cecsarini
Deborah Clifton and John Kishline
Thomas B. Comiskey
Aarmando & Jo Covelli
John and Jean Di Motto
Ellen Eckman
Chris and Bonnie Ellerd
Patricia Ellingson
Linda Even and Scott Kania
Brenton and Ranee Field
Leslie Fillingham
Milton and Carolanne Flieller
Chuck Foulke
Sam Garst & Meghan Gauger
David Gaura
Tom Gauthier
Susan Gibson
Robert and Judy Gilroy
Carol Goldstein
Jonnie Guernsey
Richard Halverson
Lee and Leslie Hanrihar
James and Mary Ann Hanson
Linda Heintz
Tom Heppe and Andrea Johnson
Alexander and Barbara Hill
Hugh Hoffman
Nathan and Dolores Holman
Kathy and John Housiaux
Sarah and Milton Hwang
Kenneth and Carmen Ilseman
Billy and Judy Kay
William and Emily Keelty
Lee Ann and William Kingston
Marilyn Kupka
Helen Kuzma
Norm and Judy Lasca
Mr. and Mrs. William Listwan
Charles and Cindy Meyer
Christine and James O'Brien
Regina and Thomas Oberlin
Jane S. O'Connell
Sue Oskochil
Nancy Otte
Katherine Paulsen
James and Rose Pickering
David and Carol Raasch
Dorotheann Rauch
Edward Reinke
Patricia Ryan and Randall Dalt
Daniel Schley
Mary and Richard Schnell
Lawrence and Hollis Schuetz
Robert J. Scott
Amy Shapiro
Dan and Doris Shneidman
Bruce and Janine Smith
Katherine Smith
Mary Anne Smith and Russell Kesery
Lois Socol
Kathy and Wayne Sojkowski
Sally & John St. Peter
Herb Stanelle
Rebecca Stibbe
John and Carol Strom
Julie Swenson
Judy and Howard Tolkan
Jo and Herb Trask
Jann and Sue Van Dreser
Christopher and Monika Vanseth
Bill and Jane Weida
Mary Ellen Winter
Frank Wolkenheim
Dawn and Tony Wolters

Jean Riebe
Lois Malawsky
Scott and Mary Ann Best
Mary and David Carlson
Jessica Connelly
Brian and Joanne Davidson
Charise Dawson
Rose Delaney
Janice Foulke
Julie Gellendin
Amy Geyser
Emmely Gideon
Dennis E. Hennessey & Linda M. Roethlisberger
Mitchell Jacobson
Deb Johnson
Judith A. Kesser
Barbara Lee
Peter Lee
Dale and Barbara Lenz
Anne and George Leunig
Mary Ellen Lukaszewicz
Patricia Mand
Muriel Mc Lemore
Lucille and Carl Pagel
Esther V. Pastene
Kathryn Reinardy
Dan and Anna Robbins
Harold and Diane Schlitz
Jo Smirl
Carol Spangler
Cindy Sporleder
Linda Stephens
Jean and Steve Stern
Susan Stewart
Max and Tybie Taglin
Jeffrey and Penny Timm
Phyllis Wax
Russel & Alyce Weiss
Barry Zuckerman
Mary Carla Jautz
Sharon Selz
Richard G. & Cynthia A. Davito
Shelia Payton
Anonymous 3
Lynn Shoemaker
Sue Armstrong
Joanne and Sheldon Cremer
Barbara Federlin
Jim & Peg McCormick Fluery
Rosie Frydman
Howard Goldstein
Alice Hanson-Drew
Jeanne Hochstatter
Dr. Lawrence & Joyzele Howard
Madeline Huston
Lake View Consulting, LLC
Justine Leonard
Elliot and Eva Lipchik
Chia and Gordon Lookatch
Kit O'Meara
Lori Pattee
Corliss Phillabaum
Marsha Poulsen
Laurie Rupert and Vernon Craig Vanslyke
Wendy and Sheldon Saltzberg
Charlie & Karen Schudson
Kathleen Schultz
Donna J. and Norman L. Vincent
Janine Wagner
Lorry Fontaine
Suzy Clarkson Holstein
Yelena Krayzman
Clarence Kuligowski
Bob and Kathy Warner
Richard and Nina Edelman
Jeffrey and Lisa Gorelick
Susan A. Kane

Next Act Theatre apologizes for inadvertently leaving any donor off this list. If an error has been made or your name is listed incorrectly, please let us know. Thank You!