Hear What's in the Heart: An Italian Shoemaker's Tale

May 2 – 6, 2018

HEAR WHAT’S IN THE HEART celebrates the life of Steve Scionti’s grandfather, Angelo Morello, bringing to life all the passion, comedy and drama inherent in a Sicilian-American family. Against the backdrop of Angelo‚Äôs funeral, Scionti paints a loving family portrait by transforming himself into a multitude of relatives and friends, telling the lively and affecting story of his journey into adulthood. Eight characters are portrayed in all, including his grandfather; his father Sebastiano; his mother Rosetta; brother Antonio; uncles Amadeo and Manny; Jerry, the local neighborhood pizza-maker; and Brother Connelly, a teacher from Xavier High School in Middletown, CT.

Show Run Time: The run time of this production will be 80 minutes with no intermission.


Directed by Anthony Crivello
Starring Steve Scionti


“…a beautiful feat of stage craft. Steve Scionti is a remarkable physical actor.” – Greenville News

“No, you don’t have to be Italian-American to relate … even though Mr. Scionti makes you think you are!” – The New York Times

“The quality of acting is exceptional. Scionti transitions from one story to the next without a blink or pause, pulling you into the story with passion.” – Time Out New York

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