DanceCircus presents Monarchs, Mounds, Migrations

March 8 – 11, 2018

An original performance, MONARCHS, MOUNDS, MIGRATIONS, weaves the stories of migratory journeys – the hero’s journey – of monarch butterflies, ancient cultures and contemporary people in dance, music and poetry.

DanceCircus Artistic Director Betty Salamun directs a diverse cast of dancers, musicians and guest performers in MONARCHS, MOUNDS, MIGRATIONS, an original full-length dance-theatre performance. MONARCHS, MOUNDS, MIGRATIONS weaves together the migration stories of monarch butterflies – symbols of spirituality and transformation – ancient Mississippian mound builders – pursuers of arts and creativity in urban communities – and new migrants – seekers of hope and roots in new communities.

Join DanceCircus and friends for pre-show conversations with artists and historians exploring the project research, context of stories and the questions that inspired the performance. Post-show discussions will include a dialogue between audience and performers on arts, science and issues in the performance completing an engaging evening of dance, music and community.

As part of its community mission, Next Act periodically rents out its theatre space to independent producers. These producers are solely responsible for the content and quality of their performances.

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