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Dainty Rogue Productions presents Doctor Who

Or How I Learned to Stop Time and Love the Dalek

An original burlesque fanfiction
June 2 - 4, 2017

Missy steals River Song’s lipstick just for fun, but confronted by a Dalek Army, she suggests using the lipstick and her cyber armies to set an elaborate trap. A trap to make the Doctors suffer the loss of their best friends and cross the Doctors timestreams, creating a paradox so large that it rips the fabric of space and time apart. First, she will bring them together, but Missy forgot the most important thing…

What is the one thing you never put in a trap?

This original thirteen act Doctor Who burlesque fanfiction by Dainty Rogues features twenty talented burlesque performers and life size daleks to bring to life one of our all time favorite geekdoms! Whether you have never seen an episode or own the complete series, this visually stunning and logically sound parody will warm your heart and tickle your fancy.

Dalek photo opportunity in lobby sponsored by Dalek Asylum Milwaukee.

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