Shifting Ground - The Art of Dara Larson

Shifting Ground

The Art of Dara Larson
February 1 – 25, 2018
Curated by James Toth

In EQUIVOCATION an artist finds he is being used as a propagandist. Instead of using his art to pursue truth and enlightenment, he is employed to propagate falsehoods and deception. The conflict makes for a compelling story relevant to our alternative facts world.

Dara Larson, our featured artist, is also a seeker of truth, and as such she confronts the conflict between what is and what could be. She explores the shifting ground of our political and social landscapes through metaphoric and emotional depictions of architecture and environments. Construction, destruction, planning, imagination, alternative fact, chaos, rising tides, bridges, walls, and winds of change are all part of the artistic visual vocabulary she uses to help us become more aware of and question the realities we all face.

Dara is a Professor of Art at Alverno College and for the past six years has also worked as a mentor artist and collaborative partner at the arts incubator Redline Milwaukee. Her studio practice includes a focus on intuitive mark making to examine architecture, environments and urban spaces that reveal symbolic connections to the cultures who populate them.

She has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas and combines global art and culture with a local viewpoint. Her artwork has been exhibited and collected internationally. Next Act is honored to feature the art of Dara Larson, and invites all to learn more about her and her work by visiting her website,

Exhibit Hours

The art exhibit opens Thursday, February 1, and is open to the public Monday through Friday, noon to 5 pm, and through the start of any performance.

Storm by Dara Larson
Liquid Revolutions by Dara Larson