Images from Ireland - Photographs of F. Fischer

Images from Ireland: Photographs of F. Fischer

September 27 – October 21, 2018
Curated by James Toth

Ancestral ties to the land is a strong theme throughout Irish literature and central to the generational drama in John Patrick Shanley’s OUTSIDE MULLINGAR. The drama of the Irish landscape is beautifully captured in the rich, black and white photographs of local photographer Fred Fischer, our featured lobby gallery artist for this season’s first production.

Fred has traveled to many countries, including a number of trips to Ireland where he primarily used infrared black and white film to capture his images. Infrared is a spectrum of light that we cannot see and he loved the idea of capturing that invisible world, but since light meters are not sensitive to infrared he needed to learn to trust his instincts for exposure. Fred has good instincts. His photographs are stunning.

In a world where we are inundated with over-saturated, hyper-realistic colorful images, Fred’s stark use of black and white forces us to look closer at the detail; to feel more intensely a personal sense of place too often missing in the glossy travelogue brochures. His photographs perfectly set the scene for OUTSIDE MULLINGAR.

Exhibit Hours

The art exhibit opens Thursday, September 27, and is open to the public Monday through Friday, noon to 5 pm, and through the start of any performance.