Traveling Art Circus presents The Dinner Party & the Year of the Cicada

Traveling Art Circus presents

The Dinner Party and the Year of the Cicada
by Mark Edwards

July 17 - 20, 2014

A new, original play inspired by and in tribute to Maressa Sullivan and her family. All proceeds and positive energy will go to the Sullivan family.

A small band of close friends are gathering for a semi-annual tradition of throwing a dinner party. This year, they have decided to invite a few outsiders to their most recent bread breaking ceremony. However, the underbelly of each individual, and society as a whole, becomes the centerpiece for the evening, and the pressure begins to mount. Coinciding with the 17 year run of millions of cicadas, everything culminates in an explosion of honesty and self-discovery.

The evening will also include the musical stylings of Lodi Broekhuizen featuring many local musicians, as well as, fine art installations by Jason Scott, Clive Promhows, Lindsay Weigel, Marla Sanvick, Kirsten Frank, Adam Nilson and Pat McKeown.