Marti Gobel
Angela Iannone
Andrew Perez
Ryan Schabach
Rammel Chan
Andrew Muwonge


"... poignant, provocative and thought-provoking dialogue ..."

"One of the best conversations on race that I've ever heard... "
- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"... TWILIGHT still speaks to the challenges of our times."
- Milwaukee Magazine

"... this play ... carries a level of importance that goes beyond theater."

"... TWILIGHT: LOS ANGELES demands your attention in a way no other medium does, and it changes you."
- Planet Kelsey

"The show isn't only interested in big themes of race and justice. It's also fundamentally fascinated by people ..."
- Shepherd Express

"... audiences should relish this unique ability of live theater to both touch and inform."
- Urban Milwaukee Dial

"Their ability to switch accents, genders and postures with such authenticity is quite amazing... "
- TimeOut


Community Partners

Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992

by Anna Deavere Smith

January 28 - February 21, 2016
Directed by David Cecsarini
A Milwaukee Premiere

Provocatively powerful.
In 1992, Los Angeles burst into chaos as reaction to the verdicts of the Rodney King beating trial swept the city. Out of the need to understand and heal, the author has captured the stirring reports of dozens of witnesses and participants, including King’s aunt, truck driver Reginald Denny and police Chief Daryl Gates. Twenty four years later, this brilliantly diverse kaleidoscope of personal testimony resounds with current times, and inspires us to envision and create an America - finally - with liberty and justice for all.