Equivocation by Bill Cain

February 1 – 25, 2018

William Shakespeare is commissioned by Sir Robert Cecil, the most powerful man in England, to write the true history of the Gunpowder Plot — a failed attempt to kill King James I. But as Shag and his actors rehearse their new play, they suspect the government’s version might be a product of “alternative facts.” Now, the greatest writer of all time must decide between writing a lie and losing his soul, or writing the truth and losing his head.

“Watching these six actors on a stage is what makes excellent theater so excellent.”Dave Begel On Theater

“More than simply historical, EQUIVOCATION is an important exploration into the importance of getting the story right… not just for now, but for those people who have to live with the stories we tell once we’re gone.”The Small Stage

“It is a stupendously good play that takes major risks with form, of a sort we don’t see very often on Milwaukee stages.”Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“The witty yet accessible dialogue, liberally sprinkled with excerpts from Shakespeare’s plays, is riveting from curtain to curtain.”Shepherd Express

“…an almost-three-hour production that flies by, is tantalizing for its complexity, its intrigue and its masterful acting.”TimeOut


Michael Cotey, Director

Mark Ulrich as Shag
David Cecsarini as Sir Robert Cecil/Nate/Thomas Percy
Josh Krause as Sharpe/Thomas Wintour/King James I
Jonathan Smoots as Richard/Father Henry Garnet
T. Stacy Hicks as Armin/Robert Catesby/Sir Edward Coke
Eva Nimmer as Judith


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