About Next Act Theatre


Next Act Theatre will engage the hearts and minds of its audience with compelling, intimate, professional theatre intended to stimulate thought, foster the exchange of ideas, and promote the development of new perspectives and understanding.

The mission is defined by four specific and interrelated goals:

  • Next Act will produce dramatic material that brings social, cultural and political issues to the center of the community debate, reflecting the universal needs and aspirations of our fellow human beings.
  • Next Act will nurture and collaborate with the best of local, professional talent.
  • Through strategic play choice, community outreach activities, and accessible management and artistic style, Next Act will work to develop new audiences.
  • Next Act will establish and maintain a familiar, appreciative relationship with patrons and donors through service-oriented administrative practices and proactive staff interaction.


Next Act Theatre has established itself as one of the premier professional theatre companies in Milwaukee, producing exceptional quality theatre that our patrons expect. The plays we choose are passionate, often bold, sometimes humorous, and always up-close-and-personal presentations of life.

Next Act Theatre is celebrating more than 20 years of intimate and powerful theatre. A strong, vibrant and financially stable company, Next Act produces a four production season of contemporary drama. The company is particularly noted for its excellence in acting, "Up-Close-and-Personal" performance style, and for a varied and consistently interesting choice of plays, chosen from the best new works and off-Broadway hits. Next Act has mounted more than 90 main-stage productions, including over 50 area premieres and six original scripts.

Our Audience

Next Act performs for a growing subscriber base of over 1,400 and a single ticket constituency of over 11,000, attracting individuals and groups from Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Our audience expresses a consistent and positive interest in the intimacy of our performance style and accessibility, which gives them a strong feeling of being actively involved in our productions.

Next Act Theatre is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.